Zhejiang Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Gu Jianxin and his entourage to visit Jinfei Kaida to investigate
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2017-05-20 16:23:48

      On May 18, Zhejiang Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Gu Jianxin, European researcher Wang Jun, Director of Economic Services Yang Jinkun, Director of the Consular Section Mo Zhiliang visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd with related leaders of Jinhua Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for the investigation of “The Belt and Road”construction work. Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd Director Ge Chu, Deputy General Manager Ren Hongxing and other leaders warmly received them, and accompanied them to   visit the automated production site, and then had a discussion.

     At the forum, deputy director Gu Jianxin learned the development of Jinfei Kaida, the future planning and situation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy in detail. Deputy director Gu Jianxin highly praised about the development of Jinfei Kaida and achievements. He also indicated that the company should catch the chance of “The Belt and Road” construction, go out on a large scale and high level and vigorously expand overseas market. In the process of going out of business, the Office of Foreign Affairs will strengthen information communication with the company, and fully play a role as bridge link, and help the company develop.
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