Zhongning County Magistrate Chen HongGroup Visit Jinfei in Ningxia
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2017-04-18 15:01:02

   On the morning of March 2,the leaders -- Zhongning county magistrate Chen Hong, deputy magistrate Cheng Zhenggang,Gongxin Bureau director Yang Baoqu etc. arrived in Jinfei Wheel Co. Ltd in Ningxia to guide the work, accompanied with the office director Yan Jihua, project department minister Wang Jun and the relevant department heads.


   During visiting the company in Nixia, general manager Li Genfa introduced current production status and follow-up promotion planning of Jinfei Project, and expressed thanks to county leaders and park leaders for strongly supporting the work of Jiefei in Ningxia. County magistrate Chen Hong asked something in detail about the current production status of 16 machines,manufacturing technique of aluminum wheels, equipment installation planning of reserve zone, project of warehouse area, and employees’ accommodation, repast, public transportation and so on. In the area of drilling holes, County magistrate Chen Hong lifted the aluminum wheel personally, experienced the weight of aluminum wheel, knew the process flow of aluminum wheels and examined the quality of aluminum wheels.  In the dining area, he learned the key and difficult issues about employees’ accommodation and public transportation encountered in the development process and arranged relevant principals to solve.
   In the end, County magistrate Chen Hong praised the achievements in the current situation of Jinfei in Ningxia, and hoped that our company could speed up carrying out the planning of production and equipment installation, strengthen current achievements and recreate good results for the economic construction of Zhongning.
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