The Deputy director of development and reform commission and the provincial energy burau director of Zhejiang province, Wu Shengfeng, visit Jinfei holding Group for survey and study
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2017-02-14 16:08:21

    February 9th, deputy director of Zhejiang provincial development and Reform Commission, director of Provincial Energy Bureau Wu Shengfeng keep company with Jinhua Municipal Development and Reform Commission deputy director Huang Xuguang, director of Development Zone visit Jinfei holding Group for survey and study for energy investment projects, development of new energy and the difficulty of. The Jinfei Holding Group executive vice president Ge Chu and relevant leaders warmly received them, and accompany them to visit the workshop to understand the progress of coal gas project.

   Since 2015, the Jinhua municipal government issued the "notice" issued on the implementation of measures of high polluting fuel boiler renovation in Jinhua City, the company actively respond to the government policies, actively promote the coal gas project. The company has completed the transformation of demolition work for all plant gas generator and related equipment to the date. The implementation of coal to gas project can greatly reduce the energy consumption and haze caused by gas emissions, reduce labor, reduce the company's land area. No matter for the country or enterprises, coal gas is the only way which must be passed to achieve sustainable development, but also the inevitable choice of our life and production.
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