Award Ceremony to Advanced Employees and Employees¨ Art Performance of Jinfei Holding Group in 2016
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    In Jan. 21th, 2017, annual award ceremony to advanced employees and employee’s art performance 0f Jinfei Holding Group was grand held in the giant auditorium. Group board of directors, all members of the management team and employees in each subsidiaries and departments attended this event.

    President Mr. Ge Bingzao stated in a speech at the ceremony, looking back in 2016, our company thoroughly executed the strategy of setting base around resources and layout production and marketing close to the market, stationed production base in the North and Southwest of China at a formidable speed. The construction project of Jinfei production line for 1 million of rough casts of alloy wheels in Fuyuan, Yunnan and ones in Zhongning, Ningxia have been successfully put into production. This two projects created a kind of Jinfei speed of constructing and completing at the same year. The construction of this two production bases further consolidated and expanded market of South China, India and Southeast Asia for company, established solid foundation. At the same time, whole group completed each production operating targets and work tasks under hard work of all staffs, which leading to constant social recognition to enterprise operating results and band construction. Goup company is awarded as one of Zhejiang provincial AAA level enterprises in contract-credit, one of leading enterprises in provincial auto industry, one of provincial technical innovation demonstration enterprises, one of first 10 Jinhua city technological innovation abilities of enterprise and other awards. Products of automobile wheel and motorcycle wheel have been passed the certification of “Made In Zhejiang”. These awards are affirmations to all Jinfei staffs. At last, Mr. Ge expressed warm congratulations to awarded advanced employees and New Year wishes to all staffs.
   In the ceremony, honor winners of outstanding Party members, excellent correspondents and announcers, good team leaders, technology experts, innovation models, excellent technicians, advanced individuals of technological progress, elite salespersons, stars of new employees, advanced managing staffs, outstanding staffs, star employees and excellent managers have been awarded and commended.     
    During the award ceremony, there were various programs acting by employees, such as bagatelle, music drama, choral, hip-hop, folk dance and so forth. Versatile employees showed everyone the youth and vitality which belongs to all staff from Jinfei. 
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