The Investment of manufacturing Jinfei Alloy wheels in Fuyuan
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    On 17,November,2016,the ceremony of starting the project of manufacturing five million pieces of motor alloy wheels made by Jinfei per year was held by Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Co.,LTD in Fuyuan Industrial zone.Donghua,the vice governor of Yunnan Province,Li Zhengyang,the member of party of government in Yunnan,Li Wenrong,the party chief of Qujing City,Zhu Xingzhi,the City deputy to the NPC,Yuan Xiaotang,the vice mayor ,Tang Kairong,the county party secretary of Fuyuan,Chen Zhi,the county mayor,and Ge Bingzao,the President of Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., LTD,Sun Yong,the general manager and vice president of Yunnan Metallurgial Group,have presented in the ceremony.Tang Baoyou,the vice mayor of Qujing City ,held the ceremoy.
    Donghua,the vice governor of Yunnan Province declared the starting of the program of investment and manufacturing five million pieces of mortor alloy wheels per year.
    During the speech ,Tang Kairong,the he county party secretary of Fuyuan,said that the decision of the program of investing for manufacturing five million motor alloy wheels per year only took two months.and from the construction only took ten months from the beginning to the commercial operation,and it created the record of the fastest attracting investments in Fuyuan ,and the quickest to begin and the construction is also the fasted,and it is a benchmarking of the tranferming of the enterprises in Fuyuan county.The construction of this program,not only helped Jinfei to be stronger and bigger,but also,in the meanwhile,it will be a strong support for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Fuyuan County,and it will also be a positive part of the leapfrog development and the transferming of Fuyuan.
    The program of manufacturing five million pieces of motor alloy wheels is a new program after the investment of automobile alloy wheels.The begin of the new program,will make the development of the alloy industry better,and it will also bring new motivation to to leapfrog development and the economic transformation of Fuyuan.
    During the ceremony,the leaders who presented moulded the foundation stone for the program of five million pieces of motor alloy wheels.
    After the ceremony,,the people who presented watched the feature fil, of the manufacturing of  five million alloy wheels ,and visited the product line for manufacturing those wheels and listened the report of the development of the industial zone in Fuyuan county.
    The construction fo those two programs will refresh the motivaton of the industry of nonferrous metals in Qujing City,and promote the length of the production line of alluminum,and make the deep processing of using the aluminum liquid in local place.

    The construction of those two programs mark that the strategy method of Jinfei-Establish the factories aroud the resources,and selling close to where the market is,is a great success,and it mark the industries of Jinfei develop quickly.We believe that with the efforts of Jinfei people,we will realize the Jinfei dream of Jinfei people step by step. 



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