The leadership of the company go to visit the JinFei¡¯s branch factories in Guizhou£¬Yunnan£¬Ningxia for inspection
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    With the hot summer,top leaders of our company, Ge Bin zao,the president of JinFei led the relevant person to visit the branch factories in Guizhou,Yunnan.While Ge Chu,the managing director,led the relevant person to visit the branch factory in Ningxia for inspection in 8th August.

     In GuiYang,president Ge toured the production sites and listened to the report about production work schedulemade by Li Wen cai ,general manager of Guizhou branch factory, and gave the clear guidance based on current basic management work in Guizhou’ Jinfei.At the same time,he also encouraged the whole colleagues in Guizhou’s JinFei to keep the faith,hope all the officers and workers’ staff could keep the serious and responsible and hard working attitude,paid close attention to fine management work,controlled the equipment,technology,quality and the other basic management work strictly to ensure the product’s quality. 
    President Ge had accompanied Li Wen rong, the Secretary of Qujing Municipal Committee,and the other officers held a meeting in Yunnan project construction site.In the meeting,president Ge introduced the development of project in the 7 months since the start of the project,express that we will try to completed and put into operation before the end of October.Realize the goal that year started, then construction, then completed and put into production. Secretary Li expressed that,he very agreed with JinFei’s strategic mode that build the factory near the resource,sell the products based on the market requirement and he will strongly support the enterprise like JinFei put the social responsibility as the first responsibility.Then President Ge also visited the construction site,know the relevant management about the surrounded environment and community,fully affirmed the work of the project started up to now.Expressed heartfelt thanks to the first line cadres and builders,he hoped that continue to carry forward unity, the spirit of dedication.Putted more enthusiasm into the work,to ensure that the Yunnan construction project can put into production in time.
    The vice president Ge Chu and other people deep into the construction and have a detailed understanding of the present construction situation in Ningxia project construction site,asked and provided a guidence for the safety and quality of all aspects of work in construction site,especially solved some problems in site.helped workers in construction site coordinate their work. And gived sympathy to the project construction team,the installation team, gived the affirmation and encouragement for their hard work.At the same time,the local party secretary,the mayor,the county party secretary,county magistrate visit our Ningxia project construction site by chance.The vice president Ge introduce the basic situation and the progress of Ningxia project to them,and expressed gratitude for their high value the Ningxia’s project.
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