Lin Tao, a Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics, Visited and Conducted Research at Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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         On the morning of June 28, Lin Tao, member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics, Hu Hanzhou, director of the Energy Statistics Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, Li Qirong, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Statistics, and other relevant leaders accompanied by Li Xianxiang, deputy secretary of the Qujing Municipal Party Committee, mayor of the Municipal People's Government, Xu Junxian, secretary of the Fuyuan County Party Committee, Hou Kaiyuan, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the county, visited Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for research. Chen Guohua, General Manager of Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., warmly received the leaders and accompanied them to visit the automated production site of automotive aluminum alloy wheels.

  Mr. Chen reported to the visiting leaders on the development of various projects of Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei. Mr. Chen stated that since settling in Fuyuan in 2015, after eight years of development, projects such as an annual production of 5 million aluminum alloy wheels for automobiles, 5 million aluminum alloy wheels for motorcycles, and 2 million large bus wheels have been completed and put into operation. The automobile wheel project started construction in 2016 and was put into operation that year, creating the "Fuyuan Flying Speed" that was built and put into operation that year, At present, all projects of Jinfei have formed an industrial layout of over 1000 acres in Fuyuan Industrial Park. While focusing on enterprise development, Jinfei Group actively responded to the call of Qujing Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Fuyuan County Party Committee and County Government, closely focused on the development orientation of building a "green aluminum intensive processing Ghetto", highlighted the key of "chain repair, chain extension, and chain strengthening", and planned and packaged a number of high-quality aluminum alloy automobile and motorcycle parts development projects. The enterprise fully leverages its own resource advantages and, through the "government enterprise cooperation - business investment promotion - government enterprise win-win" approach, builds a bridge for Fuyuan's investment attraction. It has successively introduced good and major projects such as Feiyang's annual production of 3 million automobile transmission casings, Gewei's annual production of 1 million sets of motorcycle engine casings, Chenglin's annual production of 4 million high-end aluminum pots, and 12 million friction wheel brake rings, Make every effort to boost Qujing to build a hundred billion level green aluminum industrial cluster and cluster development.

  At the production workshop of the aluminum alloy automobile wheel project with an annual output of 5 million pieces, Mr. Chen introduced the production situation and the basic process flow of aluminum alloy wheel hub manufacturing to Deputy Director Lin Tao. Mr. Chen stated that the enterprise has increased investment in promoting the automation transformation of the wheel production process, intelligent application of production control links, and transformation of product technology achievements. It has built an automated production line for automotive aluminum alloy wheel hub machining, an enterprise operation management center, a Yunnan expert workstation, and a Yunnan enterprise technology center, utilizing these management service platforms and automation transformation, Not only has it improved the production efficiency of the enterprise, but it also greatly enhances the economic benefits of the enterprise. At the same time, in terms of statistical management, enterprises apply information and digital methods, and introduce data statistics software such as ERP and EAS to assist in various data statistics work of enterprises, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of data collection.

  After listening to Mr. Chen's report, Deputy Director Lin Tao highly praised the rapid development of Jinfei since it settled in Fuyuan. It is hoped that Jinfei will continue to become bigger and stronger, promote the rapid development of green aluminum industry in Qujing City and Fuyuan County, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of local manufacturing industry.


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