The 14th Corporate Culture Festival of Jinfei Holding Group—Jinfei Party Member Activities
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         On July 1st, 2023, the Party Committee of Jinfei Holding Group organized all Party members to carry out the 14th Corporate Culture Festival - Jinfei Party Member Activity named "leading by Party construction and drawing the blueprint together". This event is to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of all Party members in the company to love our Party and our motherland, to carry forward the spirit of patriotism and eulogize the struggling process to realize the Chinese dream of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation, and to pursue the glorious footprints of the revolutionary ancestors and to strengthen the cohesion and combat effectiveness of Party organization, which enablesall Party members and cadres to keep in mind the leading role of Party. This activity consists of three parts: Visiting the Memorial Hall of Shuanglong Hydropower Station, Hiking in Shuanglongxi Grand Canyon, and Delivering Speeches from Various Party Branches.

Pursue the footsteps of great men and carry forward the spirit of struggle.

Under the guidance of the commentator, the Party members visited the Jinhua Shuanglong Hydropower Station that Chairman Mao Zedong had ever inspected. In the memorial hall, there is a combined generator set composed of one hydroelectric generator produced by Jinhua Water Turbine Factory and two generators produced by Shanghai Huasheng Electric Appliance Factory. When Chairman Mao visited Shuanglong Hydropower Station in 1960, he highly affirmed this station and instructed the combined generating unit should be promoted to small hydro-power in rural areas throughout the country.

Party members are greatly moved by visiting the factory dormitory that Chairman Mao once walked through, seeing the precious photo wall, the hydro-power station model in the Memorial Hall, the topographic map, the history of development, and related cultural relics and historical materials. During the visit, they enjoyed the red picture scroll along the corridor, learned about the history of Jinhua Hydro-power Project, and felt the hard work and wisdom of Jinhua people. Shuanglong Hydro-power Station is not only to generate electricity, but also to inherit and demonstrate the spirit of "self-reliance and hard work" of the older generation of Jinhua people.

In Shuanglong Hydro-power Station Memorial Hall, a place of historical commemorative significance, Ge Bingzao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jinfei Group, led all Party members to review the oath of joining the Party. The sonorous and powerful oaths of the Party members expressed their lifelong enthusiasm for the cause of communism.

After the oath, Party memberswent north along the Shuanglongxi Canyon, all full of energy and towards the finish line at brisk pace. The canyon is surrounded by green trees, gurglingstream as well as fresh and pleasant air.

They walked up the winding mountain road along the stream, enjoying the scenery along the way, feeling the beauty of nature, and experiencing the happy life nowadays; while at the same time, they talked and exchanged with each other, laughing and talking, and fully enjoyed the hiking in mutual help.

Later arriving at ShuanglongDong Dongtian Mansion Hot Spring Hotel - the destination where the speeches were arranged, Party members took a short rest and then actively participated in the special speech contest of the branches. The competition began with the solemn "National Anthem" and "Song of Flying".

Secretary Ge's important speech before the branch speech activity gave all Party members an inspiring feeling. He said that it is of extraordinary significance to carry out meaningful Party organization activities on the occasion of commemorating the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Party and that it is a very honorable thing for Party members to look back on the glorious history of the Communist Party of China, and to perform the mission of serving the country through industry based on the present and combining their respective work responsibilities. Secretary Ge pointed out that the Communist Party of China has always been actively acting, truly doing things for the people, speaking for the people, representing the interests of the people, and serving the people, and that they are truly making people the masters of the country. The Communist Party of China led the Chinese people out of the new world and created a new China. Secretary Ge gave a special Party classto all Party members, emphasizing from three main aspects.

First, all Party members should always demand themselves in their positions by the Party's standards, give full play to the role of individual Party members,set examples for others, abide by Party rules and disciplines, and lead surrounding employees to better contribute their own value to the enterprise.

Second, in recent years, the situation at home and abroad has been grim. Suppression and sanction from Europe and the United States and the lack of domestic demand have put tremendous pressure on the manufacturing industry. Under the background of high-quality development, Jinfei must firmly grasp the advantages of layout and give full play to the advantages of resources in production bases in different places, becoming bigger and stronger; must give full play to the technical advantages of the two Future Factories in the Jinhua base, and improve production efficiency through digital reform; must give full play to the production advantages of Thailand factory in foreign production bases to improve profitability. All in all, enterprises should achieve the transformation from extensive development to high-quality development.

Third, the role of Party members and cadres should be actively played in the company, and the appointment and promotion of on-the-job cadres should be promoted from the Party members under the same conditions. Party members and cadres should make a difference, not be afraid of sufferings or tiredness, actively participate in organizational activities, communicate more in work and life, promote mutual growth and unite the strength of the Party members, jointly contributing to the development of Jinfei.

The speech representatives of the eight branches of Jinfei Group, interpreted the deep understanding and love for the development of our Party, our country and Jinfei enterprise, closely related to the theme of the speech and the actual work, showing contagious language, vivid and real examples, and images full of passion and vitality. They also summarized the achievements of each branch in various tasks this year, the emerging outstanding figures and advanced deeds, etc.Their impassioned and passionate speeches aroused strong sympathy from the judges and all Party members and won rounds of applause.

Under the leadership of the Branch Secretary Zhang Lei, the brother unit "Zhonghui Party Committee Tenth Branch", also participated in the speech contest of Jinfei Party members. Secretary Zhang shared with the participating Party members about the characteristics of the Tenth Branch of the Zhonghui Party Committee and the branch situation.

Never forget the original intention and always keep the mission in mind. After the fierce competition, the Party Branch of Jinfei Group Administrative won the first prize; the Party Branch of Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing of Motorcycle Wheels won the second prize; the Party Branch of Jinfei Kaida Aftermarket won the third prize; and the Party Branch of Jinfei Machinery, the Party Branch of Jinfei Kaida Administrative, the Party Branch of Jinfei Kaida OEM, the Party Branch of Jinyue Machinery and the Party Branch of Jinfei New Material Innovation Union all shared onewinning prize.

Ge Bingzao, the Secretary of Jinfei Group, presented awards to each winning Party Branch.

Jinfei Party Member Activity was successfully completed, and all Branch Secretaries expressed their views on behalf of their Party members that they would actively play the exemplary role of Party members in their future work and life, lead the way forward with Party construction, give play to the spirit of no fear of hardship and tiredness as Party members, and drive more employees to work harder and together draw a grand blueprint for the development of Jinfei!


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