Hou Kaiyuan, Magistrate of Fuyuan CountyPeople''''s Government, Yunnan Province, Together with His Delegation, Visited Jinfei for Investigation and Research
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2023-7-13 15:20:28

 On the afternoon of June 9, in order to further deepen mutual cooperation and seek for common development, Hou Kaiyuan, the Magistrate of Fuyuan County People's Government of Yunnan Province, together with his delegation, visited Jinfei for investigation and research. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group, and Zhao Ke, Chairman of Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in FuyuanYunnan, and others warmly welcomed Magistrate Hou and his delegation, and accompanied them to visit Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing of Motorcycle Wheels, Jinchuang Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Jinfei New Materials and Jinfei Intelligent Factory of Automobile Wheels.

Magistrate Hou had a detailed exchange with Mr. Ge during the visit. Mr. Ge introduced the industrial status and future planning of Jinfei Holding Group. He emphasized that Jinfei Extruded Profiles specializes in the development of new material and new technology, the production and sales of industrial aluminum alloy profiles, as well as the oxidation of industrial aluminum alloy profiles and some other businesses. And Fuyuan County enjoys abundant resources and obvious location advantages, which is a hot spot for investment and business development. Mr. Ge said that Jinfei would continue to increase investment in Fuyuan in the future, and hoped that the Fuyuan government could also increase the support to Jinfeis local projects, jointly promoting the development of local economy of Fuyuan county.

Magistrate Hou said that the entry of Jinfei is an important impetus for the economic development of Fuyuan, and the government would do its best to support Jinfei's production projects in Fuyuan, hoping that the government and enterprises could work together and advance hand in hand.


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