Veterans of the Twelfth Army of the Chinese People''s Liberation Army and Their Descendants Came to Jinfei Group for Visit and Communication
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 On the morning of May 24th, in order to carry forward the glorious tradition and continue the spirit of red blood, veterans of the Twelfth Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and their descendants came to Jinfei Group for visit, recalling the glorious years of the military camp and expressing their feelings of serving the country through industry. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of Jinfei Group, and Feng Hong, Vice President and others warmly welcomed those veterans and their descendants.

The Twelfth Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is a red army with a glorious tradition, and has an unbroken friendship with Jinhua actually. This army not only made great contributions to the liberation of Jinhua on May 7, 1949, but also participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. In the famous Battle of Shangganling during the war, they repelled the repeated attack from U.S. army and finally won the final victory.

The veterans and their descendants visited Jinfei Intelligent Factory of Automobile Wheels. With the constant rumbling sound on the production site, the production lines are all running steadily, and the mechanical arms are operating in an orderly manner, which makes the whole factory in a thriving scene. The veterans couldn't help expressing their sincere admiration for the rapid development of China's modern industry, and expressed their affirmation and appreciation for Jinfei's intelligent achievements.

After the visit, the veterans of the 12th Armyand their descendants gathered in the conference room of Jinfei Kaida Cultural Center. Ge Bingzao, Representative of the 14th National People's Congress as well as the Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group, extended a warm welcome to them, and also expressed his tribute to the veterans who ever guarded our motherland regardless of their lives. Without the sacrifices of our predecessors, there would be no peace and prosperity nowadays for us. Mr. Ge made a profound analysis of the current severe situation at home and abroad. He said that although we are facing plenty of difficulties, we still firmly believe that with the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core, China will become more prosperous and stronger in the future for sure. We must continue to inherit the glorious tradition of the older generation, work hard on the industrial front, move forward courageously and struggle to realize serving the country through industry and strengthening the country through industry.

At the meeting, veterans of the Twelfth Army recalled the 43-day Battle of Shangganling that year. It was the most tragic battle in the War of Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, with unprecedentedintensity, especially the artillery firepower density, which even exceeded the highest level during World War II. By their amazing will and extraordinary wisdom to resist, theymade tenacious resistance under difficult conditions, and finally firmly held their ground and won the victory, greatly demonstrating their military prestige and morale.

The history flows endlessly, and the spirit is passing on from generation to generation. Our predecessors sacrificed their lives and fought fearlessly in those bloody battles for the establishment of a new China. Nowadays, we industrial people from Jinfeialways keep in mind the history, shoulder the mission, and cherish the dream of industrial power. With firm belief and tenacious fighting spirit, were presenting the feelings of serving the country of contemporary industrial people, down-to-earthwith wisdom and sweat. 

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