A Delegation Led by Members of the Party Leadership Group Theory Learning Center of the Jinhua People''s Procuratorate and Heads of Various Departments of the People''s Procuratorate Came to Visit Jinfei for Exchange
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 On the morning of May 23, a delegation led by members of the Party Leadership Group Theory Learning Center of the Jinhua People's Procuratorate and heads of various departments of the People's Procuratorate came to visit and exchange with Jinfei, to feel the new look of intelligence of manufacturing enterprises, listen to the innovative development process of Jinfei, and explore the way to promote and implement scientific and technological innovation and digital economy. Ge Bingzao, a representative of the 14th National People's Congress and Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group, attended the entire process.

Entering the intelligent factory of Jinfei Automobile Wheel Factory , various intelligent devices are in sight. The intelligent production line is orderly transmitting the wheels to various processes, and the electronic display board is also updating key on-site data in real-time. The mechanical arm is moving products quickly and accurately along the set trajectory, and the vast majority of frontline operators are replaced by machines. The intelligent production and management mode has amazed the theoretical learning center group of the Party Group of the Municipal Procuratorate.

At the exchange and learning meeting, Mr. Ge warmly welcomed the arrival of the Municipal Procuratorate and his team. He introduced the industrial structure and layout of Jinfei Group, shared his understanding of attending the National Two Sessions this year, and elaborated on the important measures of Digital transformation of Jinfei Group in combination with the severe situation at home and abroad. Mr. Ge said that in the process of development, Jinfei has always adhered to technological innovation and industrial layout innovation, layout bases around the market and resources, integrate resources and markets, and practice the development concept of "sweet potato economy". It will stay rooted in Jinhua, with vines spreading all over the world. In Jinhua, Jinfei fully utilizes its talent and technological advantages, focusing on technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing capacityconstruction, and headquarters center construction. In Yunnan, Ningxia, Jiangxi, Thailand, India, the United States and other places, Jinfei has established production bases and sales networks by utilizing local resources or market advantages. In the future, Jinfei will further promote Digital transformation, create more "future factories" within the group, play the leading role of leading enterprises, and lead more SMEs to take the road of high-quality development.

Zhong Ruiyou, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Procurator General of the People's Procuratorate of Jinhua City, also shared his own experience about this event. He said that this visit and exchange have opened his eyes and benefited him greatly. The visit to the intelligent chemical factory gave him a more intuitive and profound understanding of the intelligent construction of Jinfei Group. The enterprise development philosophy, research spirit, and excellent quality reflected in Mr. Ge's speech, especially Mr. Ge's own patriotism and responsibility, are worth learning from all members of the procuratorate. He stated that in the future, the procuratorate will fully play its functional role, deeply understand the thoughts, difficulties, and thoughts of enterprises, and provide high-quality judicial services and legal protection for enterprises. Finally, he hopes that Jinfei can continue to grow and strengthen, and create new brilliance.


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