Smart Parents Achieve the Future | The 14th Enterprise Culture Festival of Jinfei Holdings Group - Family Education Sharing Meeting
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May is a month full of love, 520- the most beautiful day of May. At the beginning of early summer, with warm winds, faint clouds, all things growing, and flowers blooming. In order to enrich the cultural life of members of the Jinfei Women's Federation and Jinfei Learning Society, enhance their sense of happiness and responsibility in family life, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, bring "family culture" into the enterprise, guide people around them to pay attention to family education, and also allow familyculture to assist the cultural development of the enterprise. At the same time, we thank the members for their contributions and efforts to the development of Jinfei. Organized by the Jinfei Trade Union, Jinfei Women's Federation The Smart Parents Achieve the Futurefamily education sharing activity of the 14th Jinfei Enterprise Culture Festival, co organized by Jinfei Society, was held as scheduled. The theme activity of "Meeting in the Name of Love" was held at the Jinhua Golden Business Card - City Reception Hall, where Yan Fanggui met and spent a wonderful time together.

Before the formal start of the class, the group union specially invited Fang Yafei, the manager of Aishang International Fashion Business Dress Jinhua Store, and the team to give a unique Business Fashion Show to the members in the workplace, bringing them different physical examinations and fashion coupons for participating members.

Feng Hong, Vice President of the Group Company, specially invited Dai Chunyan, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Normal University Family Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Dean of Business School, General Manager of Jinhua Branch of Shanghai Juhai Education Group, and Founder of Jinhua Orator Club, and Dai Feiyan, his sister, to give lectures on Manage Your Best Selfto members.

Mr. Dai started today's sharing by sharing family education knowledge through several emotional and inspirational stories from his own growth process. Through my entrepreneurial experience with my husband, I tell everyone that opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Encourage all members in the workplace to be grateful for their work and life, and open up the energy of life with persistence, love, and awe. Elaborate on how to manage oneself, family, and career, and tell everyone that happiness comes from striving to become the best of oneself.

In the second half, Mr. Dai once again shared his younger sister, Mr. Fei,'s A Happy Family Lies in Managing with Care. Mr. Dai shared family education knowledge through tips on preserving marital relationships, empathy for parent-child relationships, formulas for harmonious parent-child relationships, and the concept of "happiness lies in careful management". During the activity, on-site questioning and reading of knowledge points were interspersed, and the atmosphere was lively. Mr. Dai introduced the communication skills of family education in simple and profound terms, guiding and enhancing effective communication among family members to create a harmonious and happy family, Manage your best self.

At the end of the event, Feng Hong, Vice President of the Group Company, further elaborated on the truth that a happy life is achieved through struggle through sharing her family story, allowing everyone to learn how to express themselves, present themselves, and communicate more in life and work. Life should have a sense of ceremony, work hard and love life, and understand gratitude. Call on everyone to discover the strengths of their partner, express love, share love, and embrace love on this loving day.

President Feng expressed his gratitude to President Dai's sisters for her wonderful teaching and the cozy and cozy venue specially provided and elaborately arranged by Yan Fanggui's team for the event. I would like to express my gratitude to Heli Culture, Ke Ying Media, Paradise Bird Flower Shop, Heju, and Aishang International teams for their support of the event. Thank you to the members of the Jinfei Women's Federation and Jinfei Society who actively participated in the event.

On this loving day of 520, we meet with love, grateful, and together we travel. Love is the most warm and powerful word in the world. Life is sweet because of love, years are warm because of love, work struggles because of love, and life is beautiful because of love. Manage your best self, create a good family atmosphere, and use positive energy to influence and drive more employees to be good and upward, creating a good atmosphere for the development of the enterprise.

The event was successfully completed, and the group union prepared exquisite gifts for the participating members, allowing them to work hard and live a happy life with a beautiful mood.

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