Happy Workplace and Health Escort | 14th Corporate Culture Festival of Jinfei Holdings Group - Employee Health Examination
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The physical health of employees is the greatest wealth of a company and a powerful guarantee for its steady development. In order to better care for the health of employees, reflect the company's humanistic care, further enhance the awareness of health among company cadres and employees, improve their quality of life, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of major diseases, the 14th Enterprise Culture Festival of Jinfei Holding Group, Happy Workplace · Health Escort - Cadre and Employee Health Examination Activity, was scheduled from May 16th to 18th under the arrangement of the group's labor union.

To ensure that the physical examination of cadres and employees was carried out in place, the Jinfei Group Labor Union, in collaboration with the Jinpan Development Zone Hospital Physical Examination Center, formulated a detailed physical examination plan and thoughtfully prepared bread, milk, and other post examination breakfast for employees undergoing on-site physical examinations. Under the guidance of medical staff and company staff, successfully completed on-site consultation and answers, medical science popularization, and health examinations.

The annual health examination activities organized by the group company for cadres and employees have become an important part of the construction of the corporate culture of Jinfei. This time, by organizing a physical examination activity for cadres and employees, we took practical actions to care for them and make them truly feel the warmth of the company.

I hope that cadres and employees in all positions can strengthen physical exercise while working diligently, enhance their physical fitness, and face challenges with a vibrant physique. They can devote themselves to their daily work with a healthy body and a positive attitude, striving to achieve a better life.


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