Seize the Day and Learn Endless | The 14th Corporate Culture Festival of Jinfei Holdings Group - Business School Study Conference
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On the morning of May 13th, the 14th Enterprise Culture Festival of Jinfei Holdings Group, titled Seize the Day, Endless Learning- Business School Study Conference, was held as scheduled in the training classroom of the Automobile Town Cultural Center.

Feng Hong, Vice President of the Group Company, specially invited rectangular Zhigang, Chairman of Zhejiang Star Family Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Director of Zhejiang Yanfanggui Cultural Theme Hotel Co., Ltd., as the keynote speaker. Feng, Vice President of the Group Company, introduced the development process of the Star Family team to Jinfei People, as well as the value concept of working together with a group of like-minded and like-minded people to make the world more flavorful and the people who eat the cafeteria more happy.

Mr. Feng said that although Star Family and Jinfei Group are in different fields, they are both benchmark enterprises in the industry, working together in different ways and achieving the same goals. Both are companies with emotions and dreams, striving for great careers in different fields!

Director Fang specially prepared classes for Jinfei Business School and taught The Role of Managers. Based on his rich experience and teaching experience, Fang Dong vividly presented the course The Role of Managers and deeply analyzed the natural conditions and qualities required for a good manager.

He combined the Alibaba Three Board Axe with the Star Family Management Three Board Axe, extending to the management concept of enterprise connectivity, and clearly explained the methods and ideas of high-level, middle-level, and grassroots managers in the development, growth, and breakthrough of the enterprise. Through story intersperses and case studies, he elaborated on the role of managers as hardworking learners, high-quality workers, qualified managers, intelligent operators, and excellent leaders. As a manager, how to perform these five roles well is of great benefit to personal career, development prospects, and the development of the enterprise. And teach students to review, inspect, and implement the 531 rule (5 points for their own gains and insights, 3 points for actionable solutions, and 1 point for immediate implementation) for each learning.

Director Dong's sharing is of great learning significance for the students of Jinfei Business School. The keynote speaker and students had interactive communication at the training site, and the classroom atmosphere was relaxed and lively.

Director Dong speaks eloquently with his strategic thinking and logical thinking from a high perspective, sharing his years of accumulated management experience with others. The Role of Managers "is a course that every manager should delve into. We hope that students at Jinfei Business School

can integrate the knowledge they have learned today into their work, lead their teams well, and strive to become an excellent manager, dedicated to the great cause of Jinfei Industry serving the country.



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