Qu Yuhui, Deputy Director of the Foreign AffairsDepartment of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Together with His Delegation, Visited Jinfei Group for Investigation and Research
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2023-6-15 15:08:32

On April 26, Qu Yuhui, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Foreign AffairsMinistry, together with his delegation, visited Jinfei Group for investigation and research, accompanied by Chen Yan - Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Jinhua Foreign Affairs Office, and some other leaders. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group, warmly welcomed them and kept accompanied the whole reception.

Deputy Qu Yuhui and his delegation together visited Jinfei Intelligent Factory of Automobile Wheels. Jinfei Intelligent Factory of Automobile Wheels is the result of its digital reform, which uses a large number of various industrial robots, high-precision processing equipment, and plenty of advanced information technologies such as Cloud Computing, Deep Learning, and Visual Recognition, truly realizing managing the whole cycle from developing to producing in a full-link digital design concept. Focusing on the concept of Low-Carbon and Green Manufacturing, the factory has introduced a Double-chamber Low-pressure Holding Furnace, Nitrogen Pressurization System, and Casting Waste-heat Recovery Technology to creatively carry out the technological changes and fulfill the production of high-strength and light-weight casting flow-forming wheels. Relying on its self-developed QR-code Technology for Wheels", all process parameters and quality information of the whole process of production can be automatically integrated into the MES system, realizing the quality traceability from batch to single piece, providing an effective basic guarantee for intelligent production.

Deputy Qu fully affirmed the development achievements of Jinfei, and asked about the production and operation situation of the company as well as the obstacles and difficulties encountered in the process of "going out". He said that the Foreign Affairs Ministry will conduct further research on enterprise difficulties and provide relevant support, and strive to create excellent external conditions for the development of Jinfei enterprises. At the same time, he also hoped that Jinfei could continue to give full play to its existing advantages and continue to enhance its competitiveness.


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