The Foundation Laying Ceremony of the Headquarters Building of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. was Successfully Completed in Feiyang Intelligent Manufacturing Town
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On the morning of April 24, 2023, the Commencement Ceremony of Jinfei Headquarters Building Construction Project was grandly held in Feiyang Intelligent Manufacturing Town, Wucheng District. The Foundation Laying Ceremonywas presided over by Zhang Zunqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Wucheng District Committee of Jinhua City. And present at the ceremony were Gao Feng - Secretary of the Wucheng District Committee of Jinhua City, Hu Yuxian - Deputy Secretary of the Wucheng District Committee and District Mayor, Zhu Liqun - Director of the Standing Committee of the Wucheng District People's Congress, Du Jianming -Chairman of Wucheng District People's Political Consultative Conference, andGe Bingzao -Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group, Ye Longqin and Li Wencai - Directors of Jinfei Holding Group, and Lv Weiping - General Manager of Zhejiang Yuede Construction Co., Ltd. Apart from these, leaders of relevant departments in Wucheng District, employees of Jinfei Group, representatives of construction units, as well as some cadres of Bailongqiao Town in Wucheng Economic Development Zone and some other people also participated in the foundation ceremony.

At the ceremony, all the leaders and guests expressed their warm congratulations and made some speeches on the commencement of Jinfei Group Headquarters Project.

Mr. Ge introduced the basic situation of Jinfei Group and the construction of Jinfei projects in Wucheng District. At the same time, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the Wucheng District Committee and District Government for their support to Jinfei.

Mr. Ge said that after more than 60 years of development, Jinfei has formed an industrial structure that is dual-driven by aluminum alloy wheels and automotive aluminum alloy related structural parts, andmulti-supported by light alloy materials and intelligent equipment; it also has become one of the Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises as well as Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Zhejiang Province. In the process of its development, the company always adheres to the innovation of industrial layout, deploys bases around the market-end and resources-end and integrates resources and markets, practices the development idea of "Sweet Potato Economy", and focuses on technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing capacity construction and headquarters center construction in Jinhua.

Today, the construction of the Jinfei Group Headquarters Building starts here, which opens the prelude to the strengthening of Jinfei's headquarters, establishes the height of Jinfei's foothold in Wucheng, and starts a new chapter of Jinfei's high-quality development. In the future, Jinfei will continue to invest more power in Wucheng to make due contributions to the industrial revitalization and economic development of Wucheng District.

As the construction unit of the project, Lv Weiping, General Manager of Zhejiang Yuede Construction Co., Ltd., said that they will organize and arrange the most powerful management team to carry out this construction in a scientific, safe and civilized way, and try their best to complete the construction tasks of this project on schedule with quality and quantity, making it a high-quality project.

Zhao Xisheng, Director of the Economic and Commercial Bureau of Wucheng District, also made a speech during the ceremony. He said that the start of the Jinfei Headquarters Projectconstruction indicates the strong atmosphere of promoting high-quality development and a good momentum for doing big and developing fast in the whole district, which shows the confidence and determination of the District Party Committee and District Government to focus on industry and projects. He also expressed that Wucheng District Economic and Commercial Bureau will well provide various services focusing on the Jinfei Headquarters Project, and promote the early completion and early production of it.

On behalf of the four leadership teams of the Wucheng District Government, District Mayor Hu, expressed her warm congratulations on the start of the Jinfei Group Headquarters Project. She pointed out that Jinfei Group is a key enterprise, a demonstration enterprise, and a leading enterprise in Wucheng District, and has been playing a leading role in promoting the high-quality growth of the industrial economy in Wucheng District. The start of this Jinfei Group Headquarters Project is not only a major and happy event for Jinfei Group, but also a good and new event to promote the high-quality development of the whole manufacturing industry in Wucheng District.

She said that the Headquarters of Jinfei Group is in Wucheng, but its production bases and trading companies are spread all over the country and towards the whole world, which is a typical "Sweet Potato Economy"enterprise. She hopedthat Jinfei Group could take the commencement of the Headquarters Project as an opportunity to deepen its roots in Wucheng, make vines more widely spread around the world, and build aniconic"Sweet Potato Economy" enterprise which is more resilient, dynamic and competitive.

She emphasized that the Wucheng District Committee and District Government would also continue to deepen the business environment, optimize and upgrade the "No. 1 Reform Project", and fully escort the project development. The relevant departments of the district, Wucheng Economic Development Zone, and Bailongqiao Town should all focus on project construction, increase service guarantee, and work together with the project subject and construction unit to build Jinfei Group Headquarters Project into the most beautiful economic landscape of Feiyang platform, making it a new engine of economic development.

At the end of the ceremony, Secretary Gao Feng announced the commencement of the Jinfei Headquarters Building Project. All the leaders and guests jointly laid the foundation for the project. The Foundation Laying Ceremony for the Headquarters Building of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. was successfully completed in Feiyang Intelligent Manufacturing Town.


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