Yu Xiaoshe, Party Secretary of Nanchang University, Together with His Delegation, Visited Jinfei Wheel Co., LTD. in Jiangxi for Investigation and Research
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2023-5-26 15:10:43

In the afternoon of March 22, Yu Xiaoshe, Party Secretary of Nanchang University of Jiangxi Province, together with his delegation, visited Jinfei Wheel Co., LTD. in Jiangxi for investigation and research, accompanied by Sun Wanrong - Vice Mayor of Fengcheng City, and Zeng Guohui - Director of the Circular Park. Yang Zhigang, Chairman of Jinfei Wheel Co., LTD. in Jiangxi, gave them a warm reception.

Mr. Yang, Chairman of Jiangxi Jinfei, introduced to the school representatives that Jiangxi Jinfei has developed rapidly since it was put into operation in February 2022. In just one year, it has reached an annual output scale of 80,000 tons of recycled aluminum. Later,in the production workshop, the school representatives knew more about the manufacturing process of wheels, and learned that Jinfei has managed to reduce the weight of wheels by some scientific and technological innovation methods, while the hardness of wheels remains the same.

After listening to Mr. Yang's introduction, the leaders of Nanchang University of Jiangxi Province highly affirmed and encouraged the construction project of Jiangxi Jinfei, and proposed that the university could look for opportunities in the direction of material research and development and may reach some relevant cooperation with Jiangxi Jinfei in the future. Also, they wished that Jiangxi Jinfei could be better and better on the development roadin the future.


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