Jiangxi Governor Ye Jianchun and His Delegation visited Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd. for Investigation
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On the afternoon of March 16, 2023, the Governor of Jiangxi Province, Ye Jianchun, and his delegation, accompanied by Xu Jieqiang, Secretary of the Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee, and other relevant leaders of the city, visited Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd. for a visit and research. Yang Zhigang, Chairman of Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd., warmly received Ye Jianchun and his delegation, and accompanied them to visit the production site.

Yang Zhigang, Chairman of Jiangxi Jinfei, introduced the development process of Jinfei Holding Group to Ye Jianchun and his delegation, and led a tour of the finished product display area and workshop production line. Jinfei was founded in 1959 and has gone through more than 60 years of development. From a manual workshop with over a dozen people to becoming one of the top 500 manufacturers in China, it has formed an industrial pattern supported by aluminum alloy wheels and related structural components for automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, light alloy materials, and intelligent equipment. Jiangxi Jinfei relies on the support of its parent company and abundant renewable aluminum resources in Fengcheng, using waste aluminum as raw material and adopting modern processes such as pre-treatment, smelting, and refining to create a complete production chain. In the future, it will also increase investment in automation technology innovation to promote the development of enterprise production to a higher level.

After listening to Chairman Dong's introduction, the leaders of the provincial government expressed their expectations for the future development of Jiangxi Jinfei, encouraging enterprises to unwaveringly increase research and development investment, strengthen technological breakthroughs, and continue to promote the development of production towards high-end, intelligent, and green. They also hope to strengthen communication and exchange between the government and enterprises in the future. They hope that Jinfei can actively play the leading role of leading enterprises while strengthening, optimizing, and expanding existing industries, Becoming an important force in promoting high-quality economic development in Fengcheng, Jiangxi.


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