XieTianyun, Member of the Standing Committee of Qujing Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Xuanwei Municipal Party Committee, and a Delegation Visited FuyuanJinfei for Investigation
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    On the afternoon of February 10th, XieTianyun, Member of the Standing Committee of Qujing Municipal Committee and Secretary of Xuanwei Municipal Committee, Xu Shaofa, Mayor, Ye Xujun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of the Municipal Committee, Jiang Shaohua, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Pu Li, Chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, accompanied by relevant leaders such as Hou Kaiyuan, Deputy Secretary of the Fuyuan County Committee and County Governor, and Hu Yao, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, visited Yunnan FuyuanJinfei Hub Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for research. Zhao Ke, Chairman of Yunnan FuyuanJinfei Wheel Hub Manufacturing Co., Ltd. warmly received the party and government delegation from Xuanwei and accompanied them to visit the factory history room and production site.

   Secretary Xie and Mayor Xu visited the factory history room first. General Manager Zhao reported to Secretary Xie and Mayor Xu and their entourage the development process and basic information of FuyuanJinfei's annual production of 5 million automotive aluminum alloy wheels, 5 million motorcycle aluminum alloy wheels, and 2 million bus wheels, which have been completed and put into production after seven years of development since it settled in Fuyuan at the end of 2015. Mr. Zhao said that in recent years, in order to extend, supplement, and strengthen the chain of the aluminum deep processing industry in the Fuyuan County Industrial Park, and in response to the two wheel drive development strategy of the Fuyuan County government to achieve new industrialization and new urbanization, Jinfei has successively introduced Feiyang's annual output of 3 million automotive transmission parts, Gewei's annual output of 1 million motorcycle engine housings Projects such as Liqing's production of 4 million brake rings, Chenglin's annual production of 4 million high-end aluminum pots, and 12 million friction wheel brake rings.
   Upon arriving at the production workshop of the aluminum alloy automobile wheel project with an annual output of 5 million pieces, Mr. Zhao introduced the production situation and the basic process flow of aluminum alloy wheel hub manufacturing to Secretary Xie and Mayor Xu. Mr. Zhao said that the enterprise has increased investment in promoting the automation transformation of the production process, intelligent application of production control links, and transformation of product scientific and technological achievements. It has established an automatic production line for machining aluminum alloy wheel hubs for automobiles, an enterprise operation management center, a Yunnan expert workstation, and a Yunnan enterprise technology center in the local area. Using these management service platforms and automated transformation not only improves the production efficiency of the enterprise, but also greatly improves the economic benefits of the enterprise.
   After listening to General Manager Zhao's report, Secretary Xie and Mayor Xu and their party affirmed the rapid development of Jinfei's settlement in Fuyuan in recent years. Secretary Xie expressed the hope that Jinfei would continue to become bigger and stronger, drive more manufacturing enterprises to settle in Fuyuan through business investment, and promote high-quality development of the local real economy.
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